An App with safety for your kids to enjoy the videos and to learn .

 Now day’s kids have very good exposure to the digital world and that starts with their parents mobile, tablet, laptop or any other device. As we all know YouTube is very popular to watch videos. It also attracts children of all age starting age ‘zero’. Kids will start or parents may encourage kids to watch videos whenever they cry or so. By this, the kids will get addicted to watching videos on YouTube and this will become part of their day to day activity and they will get addicted to it. Parents should try to avoid phones for kids that’s the best practice. But however, there is some learning, fun, entertainment perspective is also involved by watching the videos.


What are the common issues when kids watch videos on YouTube or any other app?

  1. They watch videos which they are not supposed to.
  2. No restrict on time or no parent control.
  3. They may subscribe, like, comment  some junk, or they might do any other action.
  4. It’s not safe in general.

In order to address the need for an exclusive app for kids to watch videos, there is an app known as

‘YouTubeKids’. It’s safer and simpler for kids to enjoy and learn through online videos. The app comes with an option of parental controls, so parents can tailor the experience to their family’s needs.

It’s Safer for kids:

The app uses some filter techniques to display the videos in YouTube Kids app which are family friendly.

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Key Features of the App:

You can create up to eight kid profiles, with different viewing preferences, video recommendations, and settings.

You can block a video or channel that you don’t want your kids to watch.

Report video that you think is not good for kids.

You can enable or disable ‘Search’ functionality. Turn off ‘Search’ so that kids can watch only selected videos.

Setup timer to control the time spent by your kid on watching the videos.

See the history of videos that your kid is watching.

You can watch YouTube Kids on selected TVs as well.

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Download the Android app from the below url :


Other important information:
Parental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possible for your kid.

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