Karnataka Kusti Habba is organised from 22 to 25 Feb 2020

The Karnataka Kusti Habba  is  organised from 22 to 25 February 2020 at Karnataka college Dharwad. The last year event was hosted by Belagavi and this time Dharwad has got an opportunity to host. The wrestling Championship is organised for both male and female participants.

Three main stage /mud arena for Wrestling Championship is made on the grounds of Karnataka Arts College Dharwad.

The list of wrestling competitions:
Below is the list of category/list of wrestling events .
1. Karnataka Kesari.
2.Female Karnataka Kesari.
3.Karnataka Kishora.
4.Karnataka Kishora.
5. Bala Kesari.(boys)
6. Bala Kesari (Girls)

The three grounds/mud arena has been prepared with traditional and scientific approach.The participants (Pailwans) have taken bath  with Turmeric, Lemon and Butter milk. With this the participant’s have given a medicinal touch to the wrestling ground. It was a yellow everywhere. Totally 3000 lemons , 3 quintol turmeric, 3 quintol seasme oil, 30 kg camphor, 500 liters of butter milk haven been mixed and used while preparing the ground.
Small injuries happens on the events will be cured by this medicinal combination.Also the ground /mud arena will be fresh with no stinking from the sweating of the participants during the event.

Around 1200 participants are expected to participate in this event. All amenities have been arranged for the participant’s. The food festival is also organised on the KCD campus.

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