Now apply for passport from anywhere in India with your smartphone.

As we know that whenever you want a passport or you want to renew a passport we need to go to a passport Seva Centre or to a post office or to some other mode. But now we have a new optio  that is we can say to apply for a passport or renew a passport directly from your smartphone.

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has  provided the  mobile enablement of public services, and has launched a Mobile Application ‘mPassport Seva’ to provide ervices to smartphone users such as Passport application status tracking, locating the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and general information on various steps involved in obtaining a Passport.

mPassport Seva is an app will help us to apply for a passport or  renew a passport,  status tracking or other activities we can do directly from our smartphone.

What all you can able to do with M passport seva app:

1. New user registration.
. You can register here if you receive the app for the first time with your all details so that I can you are able to access the application and other features in the application

2. Existing user login:
once your registered or if you already registered you can login with user id and other details and then you will be able to perform the all the actions in the app like apply for passport or visa passport etc.

3. Status checker:
With this you’ll be able to check the application status. Thtt is when you apply for new passport or reissue of passport will get an application number so with that number you can check the status now what is the status of your application right now.

4. Appointment availability :
this option will help us to take an appointment with a Passport Seva Centre.

5. Document advisor :
This is a very useful option which will help us to know the different documents which are acceptable for apply for an passport. This section gives us the clarity on what kind of documents to be furnished when we need to apply for a passport. Helps us to know the specific the documents required for a fresh passport or to renew the passport.

6. Fee calculator :
In this session we can get to know the fees which is going to be charged for us when you are applying for a service. We will get information on fees which is charged for fresh passport or for new passport and in which scheme we are applying for a passport that is a normal or tatkal and etc.

7. Locate centre
this will help us to locate a different Passport Seva Kendra and other centers.

8. Annexures/ affidavits:
here we will get different kinds of affidavit format templates that can be used as required.

9. FAQ
this is a very useful section where list of the questions are given so we can get to know about all the questions and answers which are frequently asked on the passport.

10. Contact us:
yeah we have we can get the toll free number and other contact details of passport office.

Link to download the Android App :

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