Visit once to Gangambika Aikya Sthala (Gangambika Temple)

‘GangambikaSmarakBhavan’  (Gangambika Aikya Sthala) is located on the banks of river Malaprabha  in M.K.Hubli town. M K Hubli’s full form is Mugut Khan HUBLI. M K Hubli is on Nation Highway 4 near Belagavi. It is located in the Kittur taluk of Belgaum district in Karnataka (India).

SharaneGangambika was wife of 12th century reformer Basaveshwara (Vishwa Guru Basavanna), is believed to have breathed her last at this place (Gangambike attained Samadhi). The place ‘AikyaSthala’ (where Gangambike attained Samadhi) was renovated by the Kudalasangam Development Board.

The ‘AikyaSthala’ (the temple) of Gangambike is similar to the ‘AikyaSthala’ (the temple) of Basavanna at Kudalsangama (where the river Krishna and Malaprabha meets). The main temple is stands above the river-bed and it’s not submerged if the floods are in the river. The cylindrical concrete wall encloses the temple and it protects from the river flow. It has stairs inside to reach the temple and to comeback. A bridge connects the temple to the entry on the river bank.

The memorial was inaugurated on Januury 14, 2012.


Gangambike was sacrificed herself for the cause saving VachanaSangraha and to support husband Basavanna. After death, her soul merged with the soul of her husband at the sangama of River Malaprabha and river Krishna.       Gangambike was also written Vachanas. Gangambike’svachana’sankitanama is ‘Ganga PriyaKudalaSangama Deva’.

The place very calm, neat and clean. And very less crowded. We can fill our eyes with beautiful nature, river also bridge and barrage across the river Malaprabha while walking on the bridge to the temple.

Jagajyothi Shree Basaveshwara Dharmapatni Shree Gangambika Mukti kshetra Trust charges INR 5/– for the entry to the temple (AikyaSthala).

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How to Reach GangambikeTemple :

The temple is located on the around 600 meters from the NH4. It can be reached by reaching the town M K Hubballi. Since it’s on main road it can be reached by Road easily.

Distance from Dharwad to Gangambika Mukti kshetra (Gangambike Aikya Sthala) is around : 49 km

Distance from Kittur to Gangambika Muktik shetra (Gangambike Aikya Sthala) is around : 19 km

Distance from Belagavi to Gangambika Mukti kshetra (Gangambike Aikya Sthala) is around : 35 km

Distance from Kudalasangama to Gangambika Mukti kshetra (Gangambike Aikya Sthala) is around : 190 km

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