Educational Institutions run by Sri Gavisiddheshwar Vidyavardhana Trust

Koppal region was greatly impacted by after Vijayanagar Emprire came to end  (1568) until Hyderabad Vimochana 1948. Those w.ere the days very tough to get education and educational institutes were also very less. Gavimath took initiative and started many educational institutes to spread knowledge to the people.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Composite High School.

It is there from 1 July 1951 and Mr. B.C Patil  was the head master .  It’s been 58 years. Owing to its beautiful stone structure. The school has gained its name in yderabad Karnataka. The school has provided many elite people to the society.

Sri Gavisiddheshwara College of Art & Commerce:

Established in 1963 through the Sri Gavisiddheshwara Vidyavardhana Trust. Its founder was Umakanta Shastri. Academically, it is a renowned college at Gulaburga University for sports. Sri Gavisiddheshwara Pre-College was divided into an Independent College from the 2004 academic year.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Primary School, Mittikeri, Koppala

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Middle School has been in existence since July 1, 1951. It first started at Maheshwar Temple on Fort Road.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Primary School Kumbara Oni Koppal

There is a reason for this to begin. Sri Gavisiddheshwara Primary School was held at Maheshwara Temple on Fort Road. The school came to Patti Ishwara Temple as the temple building was started in 1960. On completion of the building, there was a school in the rear of the Sri Maheshwara Temple. But the Kumbara Oni School has been running since 1961 as the Patti Eshwara Temple Committee had set up a new place for the children’s education.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar High School, Kukanoor

It was started in 1955 by local education lovers at the Government Senior Primary School in Kukanoor with the efforts of Sri Muttigi Sangappa, Vaidya Madivalavayya Kambalimatha and Sri Somashekhara Pooja. In 1962, the locals were named as LJ. Marisanthavir came to the Mahaswamy and said: Annadaneshwar Mahaswamy’s are conducting Prasad Nilayam in their monastery. You should take the high school and do it with knowledge. ” It was started by the institution from the 1962-63 academic year.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Kindergarten and Primary School

It was started in Kukanoor from 1978 on a convent model.

Sri Gavisiddheshwara Anganwadi Training Center:

It was established in Kukanoor in 1978 for the training of teachers for the Anganwadi project in Yalaburga Taluk.

Sri Gavisiddheshwara B.Ed College Koppal:

All over the country, there were BED colleges. Beginning in 2004 there were no such training colleges in this area except Hindi B.Ed.

Sri Gavisiddheshwara D.Ed College Koppal:

Govt. T.C.H. The college started in 1959. There was no other college again. So the college was started in 2004.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Ayurvedic Hospital

Sri Gavisiddheshwara Ayurvedic Medical College:

The college was started in 1998. A beautifully equipped building. One of the best Ayurvedic colleges has a Ayurvedic herbal garden with recruiting professors and tutoring practical training.

Mrs. Sharaamma Kotabala’s B.B.M. And BCA College Koppala,

The college was started in 2007 to meet the demand for modern education.

Sri Sivasanthaweera Public School Koppala

Since there are no CBSC syllabus education institutes in 2005, Shri Sivasanthivara Public School was started.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Music School and Vidyapeeth Koppala

Beginning in 1958, it has been training for music auditions. All the former Sris were music lovers, some of them were musicians of the monastery. It is an organization that has maintained this reputation

Sri Gavadheswara Vedic and Astrology School, Koppal:

It was started in 2004 and is being practiced by the boys of Jangamara. The Sanskrit school was in Gadimajja’s time in Gavimath. Bellary PY. By Nagesh Shastri. Kongavada Veerabhadra Shastri was educated by Hirematha. Many Swamis and Pattadhevas are educated in this Sanskrit school

Sri Gavisiddheshwara Institute of Vocational Excellence, Koppal

In the modern technology and electronic age, they are trained to excel in their careers. This training has been helpful for competitive selection for campus selection.

Sri Gavisiddheshwara Hostel with 2000 students capacity

Sri Gavisiddheshwara Free Residence & Prasad Dormitory, Gajendragad G. Gadag

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Goshale Gunda Tha. Sindhanur

Cow is a great wealth. The importance of gomutra and cow dung in the natural agriculture is increasing day by day. It was started in 2006 in the Gundal of Sindhanur Taluk in Managandu.

Sri Gavisiddheshwar Bhasma Shuddhikarana Ghataka Sindhanoor Taluk

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