Gavisiddeshwara math Koppal is popularly known as ‘Gavimath Koppal’. It’s an integral part of Koppal. The first thing which comes in mind when you think of Koppal is  Gavimath ( Cave Monastery). Koppal is a district place located in north Karnataka and the region is known as Hyderabad Karnataka. The main specialty of math is the pure devotional fact of all the devotees towards the math/temple/Swamiji and the other part is Anna Prasadam ( Dasoha) and educational institutes run by math. The maha prasadam and education is available for free for all people irrespective of their background.  Gavimath has also a greater contribution to all the people of surrounding towns. 


Samsthan shri Gavimath has the history more than a thousand years. H.H.Rudrumuni Shivacharya Mahaswamiji is the pioneer of Gavimath. The seventeen peetadhipatis of Gavisiddeshwara math Koppal has given a greater and remarkable contribution to the people of this region by providing Thrivida Dasoha (Free food, Free Education, and Spiritual Enlightenment) The contribution of Gavimath to the people is really much much appreciable and amazing.

This place is very powerful Devine with lakhs together of people will witness fair with irrespective of caste, gender etc . Need to visit Gavimath during sunset to experience the amazing view and experience.

 Peetadipaties of Samsthana Gavimath.

1) Jagadguru Shree Rudramuni Mahaswamigalu.

2) Jagadguru Shree Sanganbasava Mahaswamigalu.

3) Jagadguru Shree Shivalinga Mahaswamigalu.

4) Jagadguru Shree Channaveera Mahaswamigalu.

5) Jagadguru Shree Kashi Karibasava Mahaswamigalu.

6) Jagadguru Shree Shivalinga Mahaswamigalu.

7) Jagadguru Shree Putta Suchannaveera Mahaswamigalu.

8) Jagadguru Shree Channamallikarjun Mahaswamigalu.

9) Jagadguru Shree Sanganabasava Mahaswamigalu.

10) Jagadguru Shree Channabasava Mahaswamigalu.

11) Jagadguru Shree Gavisiddeshwara Mahaswamigalu.

12) Jagadguru Shree Hirishantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

13) Jagadguru Shree Shivashantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

14) Jagadguru Shree Marishantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

15) Jagadguru Shree Shivashantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

16) Jagadguru Shree Marishantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

17) Jagadguru Shree Shivashantaveera Mahaswamigalu.

18) Jagadguru Shree Gavisiddeshwara Mahaswamigalu.

Shree Gavisiddeshwara :

Gavisiddheshwar’s earlier name was Gudayaya  was born in Mangalpur near Koppal.. shri Guru Chennabasava Shivayogi of Gavimath performed all the ritual and appointed him as the 11th peethadipati of the Samsthana Gavimath. Later Shri Gudadayya came down to Shri Gavimath where he achieved SHIVAYOGA SIDDHI (art of joining Atma with Paramatma). Thus Gudadayya became “GAVISIDDA’ with the blessings of Shri Guru Channabasava Shivayogi.

The gavisidda Swamiji provided three kinds of dasoha to the society namely Food (ಅನ್ನದಾಸೋಹ,) Education (ಅಕ್ಷರದಾಸೋಹ) ,ಆಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮದಾಸೋಹ (Spiritual).  Shri. Gavisiddeshwarawillingly entered the Samadhi built for his aged Guruji as he could not bear the separation from his Guruji and attained “ Nirvikalpa samadhi’. Thus the Guru performed the next act of the Blessed One who was buried alive.

Since then the Gavisiddheshwar Jatra Mahotsav has been continuously happening every year in Gavisiddeshwara math Koppal. The grand heritage of Srimath originated by the Blessed Rudramani Shivayogas has already boasted of 18 Peoples.

Gavisiddeshwara devotional songs

Gavisiddeshwara Jaatre : Known as the Mahakumbha Mela of South India.

The chariot festival has become a major festival of this koppal and surrounding districts. Srimath has grown into a great spiritual center because of the Jagadguru Marishantaveera and Jagadguru Shivashantaveera.

The Great Festival of Gavimath and It is popularly known as the Mahakumba Mela of South India.

 Background of programs held at Sri Gavisiddheshwar Jatra Mahotsav:

  1. Basava Path flag hoisting
  2. Pancha Kalasotsava.
  3. Kalasotsava.
  4. Pallakki Utsava (The Pallakki Jubilee)
  5. Udi filling Program
  6. Light Carnival
  7. Great Festival:
  8. Sharanara Dheergadanda Namaskara.
  9. The program Siddheshwara Murthy arrival to Sri Gavimath:
  10. The fireworks program

Teppotsava: Teppotsava festival is held on the tank of Gavimath.

Maha Prasadam :

The variety of Prasadam of the Gavisiddheshwar fair is very difficult to describe.

Gavisiddeshwara math koppal Contact details :

Gavimath koppal phone number and gavimath koppal address is as follows:

Samsthan Shree Gavimath,
Gavi Math Road, Banikatti, Koppal, Karnataka 583231
Phone Numbers : 085392 20212
email : [email protected]
website :

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