Give a tagline and get a chance to win FREE stay at hotel.

As all know that tagline is a powerful statement of any department or any organisation. And if you have a talent to provide a tagline for a department , organization etc then this post is for you. Yes this is an opportunity for you.

If you provide a tagline and if your tagline is selected as the top three best taglines then you are going to get a chance to win a stay at a hotel for free . And you can choice your own Hotel of any of the incredible Mayura hotel.

This contest is organised by Karnataka state Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC). You need to give a suitable tagline for KSTDC then you will get a chance to win a free stay at incredible Hotel Mayura of your choice.

How to participate in this contest:

Once you find a suitable tagline for KSTDC. Go to Twitter handle of kstdc or Facebook page then and comment your tagline that’s it , it’s very simple right.

Last Date for contest is : 25th December 2019

KSTDC Tagline Contest

Link to Facebook post :

Detailed Terms and conditions:

Terms & Conditions for Tagline Contest

1. The Contest will take place on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

.2. Participants are required create interesting Tagline for KSTDC.

3. The Contest will run from 15thDecember 2019 – 25th December 2019(11:59 PM)

.4. Top 3 best answers with best Tagline will be considered as winners.

5. The winners are required to inbox the contact details to KSTDC social media handle if they are announced as winner on social media

.6. The Top 3 winners will be awarded

:6.1. 1st winner shall be rewarded with 2N/3D for two people at any Hotel Mayura on the discretion of KSTDC as gratification

.6.2. 2nd winner shall be awarded 50% discount for the stay for two people at any Hotel Mayura on the discretion of KSTDC as gratification.

6.3. 3rd winner shall be awarded 25% discount for the stay for two people at any Hotel Mayura on the discretion of KSTDC as gratification

.7. The stay will also depend availability of rooms in Hotel Mayura

.8. KSTDC holds the right to award the room. (Deluxe room/ Suite etc.)

9. All meals and extra services shall be borne by the winner

.10. The winner will be allowed to take only one person along with them

.11. The winner cannot transfer the prize to anyone, in such case the prize would be cancelled.

12. KSTDC would not be liable to give any service except the one included in package/service

.13. Winner shall travel to the destination at his/her own expense.

14. The winner shall intimate KSTDC about their plans (dates and preferred locations) within 3 months from the result announcement date.

15. KSTDC holds the right of rescheduling the stay if required.

16. No KSTDC employee or immediate relative are eligible for participation. Such entries shall not be considered

.17. Winners shall be selected by KSTDC’s solely and KSTDC decision would be final

.18. KSTDC employees and their families are not eligible for participation

.19. By Participating in this Contest, the Participants Accept the Terms and Conditions of Entry.

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