Here is the right herbal product to clean vegetables and fruits.

There is always a question about how to wash the vegetables and fruits that we bring from stores. Then how to clean vegetables and fruits safely? If we use chemicals to clean vegetables then it may clean the vegetables and fruits but there may be side effects of using chemical-based solutions.

Many chemicals and pesticides are applied starting from the seeds until harvesting and even post harvesting as well. The vegetables and fruits are exposed to dust and other particles on bringing them from farm to home. So, Is there a solution or a way to clean the vegetables and fruits naturally without any side effects. Yes there a herbal product provided by IIHR Bengaluru.

The newly developed product to clean vegetables and fruits is known as ‘ Arka Herbi wash’. The IIHR website says , Arka herbi wash is a simple and completely safe herbal product. That can be used to wash the fruits and vegetables. By using this Herbi wash we can remove surface residues of pesticides from all varieties of fruits and different vegetables to an extent of 30% or more when compared with regular water wash. The product is also affordable and can be easily prepared. It’s mentioned that the best results are obtained when the product is used mixed in water with moderate agitation of water or accompanied by scrubbing with hands. If you use herbi wash then you can ensure that surface residue of pesticides from fruits and vegetables can be removed using this product. For more details contact IIHR Bengalore, ICAR-IIHR, Hessaraghatta Lake Post, Bengaluru-560 089. 080-28466471, 080-28466353

You can also grow vegetables at your home without using any chemicals.

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