How to get and consume fresh , chemical free vegetables easily ?

Getting a good quality chemical-free vegetables for daily cooking is now a days a big  challenge .   We may not get the desired vegetable at the moment of  cooking . We need to bring the vegetables and store them in refrigerator for a week or more than a week sometimes. In the hurry of looking for attractive offers and applying coupons will never worry about the quality of vegetables, right ?

And also the vegetables that we bring from the markets may not be good with respect to quality since we are not sure about the Chemicals applied on the vegetables starting from nurturing the seeds till the vegetables reaches to our hand. Since we consume some vegetables directly , that is raw like onion, cucumber, carrot , Fenugreek leaves, onion spring leaves, coriander leaves,  radish and many ,we have to consume them which are chemically free and fresh. And Chemicals may not go even if you wash them and cook them ,chemicals may still be there in the vegetables. Also most of the vegetables maybe hybrid that is looks bigger in size but tastes less !!! isn’t it ?

During few  decades ago  in villages people use to get chemical free vegetables and all basic needs for the kitchen from their farms or from the farm which is near to their house. So basically it used to be fresh , chemical free and its pure organic. Even now villages people are eating fresh and organic vegetables from their farms.

But for people who  stay in cities, for them now it will be challenge to get  all the things freshly from the farms.So what generally people will goto  nearby Supermarket or any vegetable market and they will buy the packed items with label  as “farm fresh’ , ‘organic’ etc that will be a good option but we have a very good option compared to that let’s see what is that .

There are many farming ways which are getting popular nowadays in cities , like terrace gardening or terrace farming and weekend farming etc. But for most people even they  don’t have terrace ,how can they do farming ? This can be done by doing farming at small level i.e. micro level that is farming in the very less space which is available in the balcony or some free space.

“Our home ,our farm” so with this concept we can grow few vegetables and  few green leafy vegetables etc in the balcony  which is available in the home or any small space which is available at the home. We can grow some basic vegetables like tomato, green chilly,  ladies finger etc  at the home,  as well as some green leafy vegetables like coriander , Methi,  pudina, Palak  and many if you have enough space then we can grow many other vegetables which can fulfill our daily need  for the cooking.

Advantages of micro forming:
The main advantages  is that you will get the vegetables quickly from the  micro farm of your house. Suppose  you are preparing breakfast and  you need two to three chilies , two tomatoes and few fresh coriander leaves etc you can get all of these from your micro farm. With this you are consuming the vegetables which are fresh and organic and they are chemical free. Nice idea to grow chemical-free vegetables.

Yes , we may not able to replace everything what we will bring from the supermarket from our microform. However we can still avoid vegetables which are stored in the refrigerator,  which have Chemicals added etc.

Also  micro farming will be a  good hobby where you can spend your time at least daily around 15 minutes with your pots, with the the small vegetable plants . So it connects you to the nature and it gives a good feeling of doing something on your own at your free time and you can recycle the same like you can use the same pot after few days of completing or growing vegetables. Also you can teach your kids about basic farming concepts so that so that they can come to know like how actually the farmers will grow all these in their farms at a bigger level.

Hope this article helps you to start something with the micro farming .In the next post we will explain about how  can we start the micro farming at home in a small space , Balcony area.

If you like this concept and if you enjoy reading this at article then please share this with your friends and definitely please start a micrfarm at your home.
Also please share your experience of micro farming with   with pics.
Thank you and All the best.👍

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