What useful information is available on KSNMDC website

As the name itself indicates this KSNMDC (Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center) organization gives information about rainfall, weather details, alerts, safety tips and also takes care of  natural disaster monitor for Karnataka state.

In ‘Reports’ section of KSNDMC website all the important reports, alerts are updated on ‘Daily Basis’. Few reports are available even at Hobali level, this will help the farmers and other intended people.

Some reports and maps are:

High Wind Wave / Wave Alert

EarthQuake Reports

Reservoir Level

Daily Rainfall Maps

Weather Maps

Forecast Maps

Drought Affected Areas

BBMP Daily Maps

And others


KSNDMC Dashboard

One of the very interesting and useful sections as we found is KSNDMC DASHBOARD. This dashboard provides you the latest current weather information along with the weather details shown on map.

In the image we can see temperature map of Karnataka state for the particular day and time. We can select the Play button to see the next available reports. If we click on ‘Pause’ user will be retain in the same map so that he can refer the details he is looking for.


Registering for alerts:

Users can register for alerts to get updates on their mobile. The types of alerts available are:

Rainfall Information,

Humidity Alerts ,

Temerature Alerts,

Rain Forecast,

High Intensity Rain alerts.


Weather information can be obtained from KSNDMC on:




The above information is for quick reference purpose only. For more , accurate and latest information please visit the KSNDMC website by clicking here.

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