Now you can share your ideas and suggestions for upcoming Union Budget 2020-21.

All of usas a citizen of India we have some thoughts to say about the union budget . After the budget most of us or likely to have some thoughts on the budget. We may think that a particular area or department or any other thing can be improved and can be given more focus etc . We may end up in thinking that something could have been much more focused and budget could have been more appropriate.

Now no more worry about such kind of post budget thoughts . You can share your thoughts your ideas and you can give suggestions for the upcoming Union budget 2020- 21. So why you wait just go through the below details , if you have any wonderful idea that can help the entire India then contribute now by following the steps.


In order to make the Union Budget-making process participative and inclusive, the Ministry of Finance has sought inputs from citizens for the last several years. This year too, the Ministry looks forward to hearing from you on your suggestions for the Union Budget which will be presented in the Parliament in the upcoming session.

Citizens from all walks of life are welcome to be a part of this democratic exercise. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or attach a PDF document.

The department seeks your valuable ideas to continue the tradition of the Union Budget incorporating the citizens’ aspirations.

Please use the following hashtags with respective suggestions:

#IncomeTax #Finance #Farmers #Agriculture #Health #Education #Environment #WaterConservation #GST #Employment #Entrepreneurship #Railways #Infrastructure #Others

The last date for submissions on this forum is 20th January, 2020.

Click Here to submit your idea or suggestions.


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