Rani Chennamma Express: Train not just connects places but also people and their heart

Yes, Rani Chennamma Express train connects the major cities of North Karnataka viz. Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Haveri, Gokaka, Ranibennur and all the other towns from Bangalore to Davanagere, and Meeraj and Kolhapur in Maharashtra. The train not just connects cities, but also heart.

The Rani Chennamma Express :

A train is a great option for those who come from North Karnataka to Bangalore, for employment, Education, Parents visiting to meet their children and Rani Chennamma Express Train is a great base for those attending events in Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, and other cities.

Link to re-familiarize with friends :

There are so many acquaintances, classmates, friends, etc. in the corner of Bangalore. But usually, every one of us will not get a chance to meet them all because of daily routine life, traffic, shortage of time and for many other reasons. When the festival and the long weekend comes, everyone is ready to go to the city, all of them – they must come to the railway station and board the train, that’s the moment people will get chance to meet their friends, relatives from their native places, from their college, etc.

New Introductions :

Just board the train, go to your coach, and just sit in the compartment seat that’s enough you will find at least one or two of your friend/ someone you know. And you will get a chance to witness the talking of fellow travelers, home-cooked meals, toddlers, neighbors, phone conversations all over the place. For a moment we come out of our thoughts.

By the time train departs from Bengaluru and reaches Tumkur you will be a conversation with other travelers and friends. In case if you get a chance to meet like-minded people then you will start an endless conversation about interesting topics.


Rani Chennamma takes care of the travel time as we all know. It Departs from Bangalore at 9.15 pm and arrives at Hubbulli at 5.30 am and arrives at Dharwad at 6.15 am. Also, it maintains the schedule even when returning from Hubbballi to Bengaluru.

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