Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation : It’s all about Vachanas.

“Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation” is an initiative by Vachana Kumaraswamy and Roopa Kumaraswamy . Through foundation the great vachanas of many Sharana,Sharane who havr written vachanas along with Vishwaguru Basavanna are reaching people at various levels.

The main motive behind this Foundation is to popularise , reach and take ‘Vachana’s” to all people. The vachanas which are written by many Sharana and Sharane are still valid in the present time and they are going to be valid even after many years in the future. When it is comes to vachanas it’s not only Vishwguru  Basavanna but also many people have written vachanas.

Popularising Vachanas through What’s App group :

As an effective measure of Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation to reach  common people Vachana Kumaraswamy and Roopa Kumaraswamy  did an initiation by creating ‘WhatsApp groups’ to reach people. Through this WhatsApp groups the vachana are communicated  not only in image format but also Audio,  video format (both in Kannada and English) are done to reach people. Along with vachanas,  story   about  Sharan, Sharane  and many other people are captured and reached  people in a very effective and  educative manner.

Taking Vachanas to School :

Through an another initiative by Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation’ Shalegaledege Vachanagala Nadige’  the initiative is about taking vachanas to school students. A special activity and  program will be held at a school to reach school students and help them to understand  about the history of vachanas and vachanakaras and to understand the essence of vachanas . The students will get inspired by these vachanas and by which it will help them   to build their life beautifully and it will help them to lead a better life in their future.

Orher initiatives by Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation:

Sharanu Dinachari : Diary with theme of Vachanas : through the foundation an annual diary will be published and which people can buy at a very affordable price.

Online Kavana Vachana Competition:

In this in this initiative a poet has to write an poem on any one of their favorite vachanakara and the same will be published in YouTube . The video with maximum likes, comment and share will get an appreciation as well as an award.  Through this mode it will encourage all the people across the globe to participate in this competition. It was really an effective and best way to help people understand vachana and vachanakaras.

The other initiatives are :
Vachana grama,
Vachana Singing Competition,
Vidyartinilayaledege Vachanagala nadige,

Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation contact number : 9901137948

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