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About SIIMA:

South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) : Taking South Indian Cinema into global horizons, SIIMA creates the platform for South Indian stars to reach out to their fans globally.

As Indian cinema is making a strong impact globally, it’s time for South Indian Cinema to claim its space in the realm of world cinema. It’s time the Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam industries took the centre stage worldwide and welcome an entertaining endeavour of its sorts- SIIMA.

SIIMA promises to be an event that film lovers across the world would sit up and watch with bated breath. After creating a stir in the entertainment industry, with the previous four years in Dubai, Sharjah and Malaysia and back to the enticing city of Dubai for its 4th year. SIIMA 2016 travels to Singapore on the 30th June and 1st of July for an Entertaining and Glamorous Extravaganza of its sorts. source : siima website

The eighth edition of SIIMA Awards (2019) is held at Doha, Qatar, from 15th to 16th of August.

SIIMA Awards (2019) Highlights :


Best Debut Kannada Actor (Female): Anupama Gowda for Aa Karaala Ratri

Best Actor in Leading Role (Kannada): Yash for KGF

Best Director (Kannada): Prashanth Neel

Best Actor in Negative Role: Dhananjaya for Tagaru

Best Debutant Director (Kannada): Mahesh Kumar for Ayogya

Best Lyrics Writer (Kannada): Chetan Kumar for Yennammi Yennammi from Ayogya

Best Cinematographer (Kannada): Bhuvan Gowda for KGF

Best comedian (Kannada): Prakash Thuminad for Sarkar.Hi.Pra.Shaale.Kasaragodu

Best Playback Singer Female (Kannada): Ananya Bhat for ‘Hold on’ from Tagaru

Best Actress in Supporting Role in Kannada (Female): Archana Jois for KGF


Best Debut Telugu Actor (Female): Paayal Rajput for RX 100

Best Supporting Role (Female): Anasuya Bharadwaj for Rangasthalam

Best Actor Critics (Telugu): Vijay Devarakonda

Best Actor in Leading Role Award (Telugu): Ramcharan for Rangasthalam

Best Actress in Lead Role in Telugu (Female): Keerthy Suresh for Mahanati

Best Director (Telugu): Allu Aravind

Best comedian (Telugu): Satya for Chalo

Best Debutant Director (Telugu): Ajay Bhupathi for RX100

Best Music Director (Telugu): Devi Sri Prasad for Rangasthalam

Best Playback Singer Female (Telugu): MM Manasi for ‘Rangamma Mangamma’ in Rangasthalam

Best Play Back Singer Male (Telugu): Anurag Kulkarni for ‘Pilla Ra’ in RX 100.

Best Lyrics Writer (Telugu): Chandra Bose for ‘Yentha Sakkagunave’ in Rangasthalam.

Best Cinematographer (Telugu): Rathnavelu for Rangasthalam

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