Sukshetra Guddapur Danamma Devi temple

Shambo shankari,sharane Guddapur Danamma Devi Namo Namha

Guddapur Danamma Devi temple is one of the famous devotional place in india. Danamma Devi temple is located in Guddapur, thaluk – jath District – sangali in Maharastra State .


Sri Danamma Devi is the daughter of Anantharaya and Shirasamma. Sri Danamma Devi first name was known as Lingamma. She was born in Umarani town (Maharastra).

The poor couple Anantaraya and Shirasamma of Umarani had no children. They were worshiping lord Veeramallayya of the town. Lord Sri Veerabhadra comes on shirasamma’s dream and blessed them that they will get a baby soon and the baby is the ‘Avatar’ of Goddess Parvati Devi as Lingamma.The lingamma, who is on the verge of spirituality, leaves the house and takes the path of welfare for the sight of the snail.

Her father mother mourned as her daughter left home, Lingamma realized and came in dream of her father and show her real ‘Avatara’ and told to make her statue in shree kshetra Guddapur.

Shree Guddapur Danamma Devi is follower of Basavanna.By seeing the worship of lingamma, Jagajyothi basavanna called her name has Danamma.She started solving the problems of people in anubava mantapa.

Later Danammadevi got married to devotee of lord shiva , Somanath from koodalasangama. Sri Dannama and Somantha married in good day of shree manrupa shalivahana shake 696 aktakshinama savastra vaishaka shukla paksha akshaya tadige Thursday at 11 o clock in sankatirta.

Guddapur Danamma Devi insisted people to follow GURU-LINGA-JANGAMA,and gave lingadiksha to people to worship lord shiva saying “Om namaha shivaya” mantra . Each of her miracles are described in 108 namavali by chanting those, on will blessed with power,confidence,overcome our problems from devi,adishakti. Thousands of people worship Danammadevi by visiting her temple , getting darshanam , satisfying their wishes, she has been also called as “Varadani Danamma” Temples dedicated to the goddess

Every year at the end of karthika amavase annual Jaatra will be celebrated.

Guddapur Shree Danamma Devi Temple Timings

  • Sunday – Saturday 4:00 AM -10:00 PM

Distance from various places to Guddapur

The Temple of Goddess of Guddapura Danamma Devi is Away from

Guddapur to sangatirtha07km
Guddapur to sangali120km
Guddapur to chadachana 45km
Guddapur to jath22km
Guddapur to solapur110km
Guddapur to akkalakota145km
Guddapur to jamakandi95km
Guddapur to khaleganv60km
Guddapur to athani55km
Guddapur to Bijapur55km
Guddapur to chadachana80km
Guddapur to pandarapur80km
Guddapur to mangalavedha55km
Guddapur to sangola60km

Information for Devotees

  1. Rooms are available near the temple for the Devotees.
  2. Car parking space also available.
  3. Hot water is available to bath in the morning.
  4. To prepare food for naivedya for Devi Danamma vessels will be provided.
  5. For Devotees morning and night Dasoha (Anna Prasadam )is available.

Shree Danamma Devi temple trust committee.

Guddapur Shree Danamma Devi Temple phone no- 02344-220003.

Shri Danamma Devi stotra

“Sarva Mangal Mangalye Shive Sarvarta Sadike| Sarva Papa Hare Devi Varadaneshvari Namostuthe”

“Adynt Rahite Devi Adshakthi Jaganmathe Thrikal poojithe Devi| VaraDaneshvari Namostuthe”

Images of sri Danamma Devi

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