Temple of the Goddess Kabbalamma, Kabbalu near Bengaluru.

The Kabbalamma Devi Temple is one of the most famous temples in and around Bangalore. The temple of Goddess Kabbalamma is located in the town of Kabbalu. Kabbalu Village is situated in the Satanur Hobali, Kanakapura Taluk and Ramanagar District. There is also a hill called Kabbala Durga, and the village of Kabbalu is also known for this hill. The temple of the Goddess Kabbalamma is very powerful, sacred and makes the good of the devotees who have come and seek the good from her.

The interesting fact about this temple is the basaveshwara (Holy Bull) living in the temple will bless all the devotees. You can opt for trekking the Kabbalu Hill along with the darshanam of goddess Kabbalamma. Basaveshwara (Basava) holy ox is present in the temple of Goddess Kabbalamma, which is said to be a blessing for the devotees who come and fulfill the spread of the word. One can enjoy the trekking experience of the Goddess as well as climbing the hill.

Kabbalamma Temple Timings :

Sunday – Saturday 5:30 AM – 8:00 PM 

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Reaching Kabblamma Temple

The temple of Goddess Kabbalamma is around 80 km away from Bengaluru, 3 km from Kanakapura, 7 km from Satanur, 53 km from Ramanagaram, 23 km from Channapatnam, 90 km from Mandya, and 89 km from Mysore.

The route from Bangalore to Kabbalamma Temple:
Bangalore> Kanakapura Road> Kanakapura> Satanur> Kabbalamma Temple

Another way:

Bangalore> Mysore Road> Bidadi> Ramanagar> Channapatna> Honganur> Kabbalammama Temple

Kabbalamma Temple Contact/ Address :

Administration office, Kabbalu Grama, Sathanuru Hobli, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara District – 562117

Other places to visit near Kabbalu :

Muthathi is a settlement situated on the banks of the Kaveri river near Malavalli in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is surrounded by a dense forest which is the home of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Distance: 35km from Kabbalu

Sangama & Mekedatu

Mekedatu is a location along Kaveri in Kanakapura Taluk of Ramanagara District. Sangama is the place where Arkavati merges with Kaveri. From this point, about 3.5 kilometers downstream, the river Kaveri flows through a deep and narrow gorge.

Distance: 36km from Kabbalu

Chunchi Falls

This remote waterfall in a rocky setting is popular for picnics & best during rainy season.

Distance: 33km from Kabbalu

Shivaldappana Betta

Shivagiri Kshetra Shivaldappana Betta.

Distance: 35km from Kabbalu

Sri Thayimudamma Temple, Heligehalli

There are five temples, out of them Sri Thayimudamma Temple is the famous in the village, even in the Taluk, Chuchi falls is situated 5 KM from Village and Sangamma is situated from 11 KM from the village. There is known place called Mekedatu is situated 15 Km from The village.

Distance: 26km from Kabbalu

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