Tips for Effective Utilization Of Time (EUT)

In most of the situations, we are unable to execute the planned tasks/activities in a specified time because of the lack of utilization of time. We need to utilize the available time effectively to execute the tasks successfully in order to achieve our goals, to reach our aim and to lead our day to day life in a better way.

What is EUT?

We can call it as an idea or a technique or a concept which helps you to execute the tasks on time, helps you to improve productivity, boosts your energy level and so on.

Why EUT Is Required:

By acquiring the EUT we will get the proper mindset to execute the tasks and we will get ensured results which will lead to increased productivity. In general EUT will leads to a better execution of tasks.

Availability of Time:

Just think about the time available for us in a day. Consider an example, out of 24 hours in a day we may spend around 10 hrs to do basic activities (like sleeping, having food etc). Now focus on the remaining 14 hrs available. Now the question here is to what extent we are using this time? We may think that actually we are not getting 14hrs of available time in a day because of various reasons and in fact, we say that ‘we are busy’.

Are We Really Busy?

Let’s ask the above question to ourselves. If the genuine answer to the above question is ‘Yes’ then its fine else read the next few lines.  Suppose if we are unable to perform a task then the very popular explanation given is ‘I am busy’. We usually give the above explanation i.e. ‘Sorry, I was busy’ when we fail to take action on a task. Interestingly, many times, we will give the above explanation to ourselves when we fail to execute a task. But the actual reason behind this may be different like laziness, procrastination, no mood, no energy etc. Then let’s think twice before we declare that we are busy.

MakeSome Time In Busy Schedule:

If our day is fully packed with a lot of external commitments, office work or any other kind of work then take some small breaks. For example about 10-15 minutes of time slots. Let’s call them as ‘Time Packets’.

Time Packets:

Always have a number of ‘Time Packets’ in a day as described above even in your busy schedule. There are two main purposes of this technique. Firstly, to divert your mind from the busy schedule thus it reduces stress and reenergizes you. Secondly, we can make the best use of this time slot to perform important activities and to draft a plan for next task. See below example to know how we can use this time packets productively.

Performing a task
1 Call to a friend/ business partner to get some useful info
2 Check the status of forms/applications you submitted
3 Pay the utility bills online
4 Execute any other planned task (required less effort).
Planning for task
1 Draft a plan for the next task
2 Prepare a to-do list
Energising Yourself
1 Listen to your favorite music
2 Read 2-3 pages of a book that inspires you
3 Read an article of a news paper


No need to fasten to the above example. We can customize the ‘Time Packets’ as per our need. Try to adopt the above technique and notice the results. We can observe the increased energy and productivity within ourselves.

Qualityof Time

Even though we measure the time in a quantitative way with units like seconds, minutes, hour and day etc.  Now consider the other parameter of the time i.e. Quality. Don’tgets confused with this interpretation of quantity and quality of time. Let’s understand this by a simple example. Consider time slot of 30 mins.  These 30 mins can be in the morning, can be in the noon, can be in the evening or can be in the night (before you go to sleep). In the above time slot, ’30 and mins’ indicate the quantity and unit of time. Even though we are considering the ’30 mins’ time slot but the ‘Quality’ of time will vary. Hope you got the point. To be clearer, ’30 mins’ in the morning will be more effective and productive than in the noon. Thus we can get quality time in the morning. Its very general approach may vary from individual.  The ‘Quality of Time’ depends upon the several factors like our mood, energy level, body response, environment conditions, external parameters and results of your last task/activity.

Think about the ‘Quality Time’ that we get in a day to give proper attention to priority tasks. For ex : If we need to read/understand some topic which we feel difficult OR we need to adopt some new habit which requires more concentration then fix a time slot in the morning for this activity.  The quality of time will be good in the morning and perfectly suits the important and urgent tasks. Identify the time slots where you are more productive (quality time) and fix the important activities in this slot.


We will be doing more than one task at a time in our day to day life knowingly or unknowingly. Some common examples include traveling plus reading, traveling plus listening to music or talking over a phone etc. And the ideal example will be women working in the kitchen, your mom/wife/sister or any. She has to carry out many activities at a time especially in the morning. Imagine a situation in the morning, where she has to cook the food, cut the veggies; give the directions to her husband/son to get his ironed clothes and many.

Why can’t we use the same thought to perform more tasks at a time for better utilization of time? Make sure that two or more tasks are blend together to get the better performance. It’s better to include one important and one not important activity. Examples of reading plus walking, planning plus walking etc. Again customize this idea to suit your tasks.

To Do List:

The very important aspect of EUT is ‘To Do List’. If you have the practice of preparing the ‘to do list’ then that’s great, if not then please start from today itself.

Typically a ‘To Do List’ is a list of action items to be taken on a scheduled time to execute a task. It may be personal/professional/ career related or whatever. Usually, the list will include tasks on a daily basis/ weekly basis.  Firstly prepare this list and add/update the list items whenever essential.

We may have a ‘To Do List’ virtually i.e. in our mind OR we can note it down on a piece of paper and keep it with you always OR use sticky notes OR Use the calendar/ application in your mobile OR you can use the mailbox. ‘To Do List’ will definitely help us in ensuring the execution of tasks on time and every time.

Finally, to conclude, prepare your mind for EUT technique/ideas, work on the time availability in a day, prepare ‘Time Packets’ and identify the ‘Quality Time’. Then prepare ‘To Do List’ to execute the tasks. Perform multitasking as and when it’s needed.

The EUT notion will certainly help you to accomplish a planned task without fail and without procrastination. The EUT will boost your self-efficiency and increases your productivity. Collectively EUT will aid you to utilize the time effectively for best results that you can give for yourself to achieve your goals, to fulfill your dreams and to lead a better lifestyle.

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