Visit Gokak waterfalls to get amazing and thrilling experience!

The Gokak Falls is located near Gokak. The Ghataprabha River falls from the mountain and creates beautiful waterfalls. Gokak is a city in Belagavi district of Karnataka, India. The waterfall is around six kilometers away from Gokak town.

The Ghataprabha river takes a leap of 52 meters (171 ft) over the sandstone and it resembles Niagara Falls on a smaller scale. The waterfall is horseshoe-shaped at the crest, with a flood breadth of around 177 meters (581 ft). During monsoon, the thick reddish-brown water sweeps far over the brink of the cliff with a roar that can be heard from some distance. You can go inside the river especially on top of the falls during the rainy season but during the monsoon period the falls will be flowing in full flow and brown/reddish flowing waterfalls can make you go speechless. Gokak falls is a magnificent fall, and the main viewpoint is very much crowded most of the times. There is another viewpoint just about 200 meters down the road where you can get a better view and its not much crowdy because very fewer people visit there.

There is a hanging bridge across the river. Its height above the rock bed is 14 meters (46 ft). The hanging bridge is amazing and thrilling, you can have a lot of thrilling experience there. There is an electricity generation station and electricity was generated here for the first time in 1887.

One more interesting feature of this place is the monuments from the Chalukya era that are found on either bank of the rocky gorge. Another attraction of this place is the very old river-front temple dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara, built in the Later Chalukya style of architecture.
The ‘Mahalingheshwar Temple’ is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. From the temple, one can see the hanging bridge over the waterfalls. Viewing the waterfall from this hanging bridge during monsoon will be a thrilling experience. The Gokak Textiles factory is very near to this waterfalls. You can purchase various useful & good quality textile items from their outlet.
If you do visit when the water flow is less you can even see the Hydro Electric Plant at the bottom of the falls.

Best time to visit Gokak Falls:
You can visit the waterfalls at any time. But from July to October (rainy season) the falls will be beautiful and amazing.

How To Reach Gokak Falls
Nearest Railway Station: the Nearest Railway station is Gokak Road. It is about 10 KMs from the Gokaka Falls
Nearest Airport: Nearest Airport is Belagavi which is 60 KMs
By Road: 60 KMs from Belagavi.
From Bangalore 550 km (Bangalore-Hubli-Belgaum-Gokak)
Hubballi to Gokak Falls distance is: 120 KM
Pune to Gokak Falls distance is: 330 KM
Kolhapur to Gokak Falls distance is: 100 KM,

Panjim to Gokak Falls distance is : 170 KM

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